Discount Car Rentals and Weather in LA and San Francisco

Discount Car Rentals and Weather in LA and San Francisco

If you're planning to live, visit or vacation in southern California there are a few items you'll definitely need to pickup. Firstly, don't forget to reserve your discount car rental from Super Cheap, and secondly, remember to pack that sexy bathing suit! The weather in this southern California is remarkably mild year round, with a climate that is often characterized as balmy and Mediterranean-like. The winter temperatures in southern California locales like Los Angeles and Long Beach virtually never drop below freezing, while the summers are always hot, hot, hot! Super Cheap Car Rentals knows that driving around southern California with the windows down on your discount car rental is the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon in the Sunshine State, so don't delay reserving your great rental car today!

San Francisco Weather and Climate

The city of San Francisco is surrounded on three sides by water, a factor which strong influences the weather and climate of the area. The cool currents of the Pacific Ocean play a major roll in the city's mild year-round weather and reverse- Mediterranean climate. A normal Mediterranean climate is known for causing wet winters due in part to frontal storms, while hot, dry summers are common thanks to subtropical zones of high pressure.

In San Francisco you'll find the exact opposite effect – the summers are normal cool and foggy, while the winters are amazingly warm and sunny! The average daily temperature in San Francisco can range from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, and snow is virtually unheard of!
Rain is very common during the winter months of the year though, so you may wish to purchase an extra umbrella to leave in the trunk of your Super Cheap discount car rental just to be on the safe side! During the prime months of summer, normally July and August, it isn't uncommon to see the western half of San Francisco shrouded in a cloud of fog.

This phenomenon is caused when the cool ocean water interacts with the scorching heat blowing in from central California. This volatile combination produces significantly lower temperatures in areas of San Francisco opposed to other California hot spots. These cool temperatures are often greatly appreciated as they help to keep the humidity down and the overall temperature bearable.

Los Angeles Weather and Climate

The city of Los Angeles is known world wide for its hot club scene and sexy beaches, but just how hot does it actually get in LA? During the summer months it isn't uncommon for temperatures to soar past the 32 degree Celsius mark, while winter temperatures never fall below 12 degrees Celsius. The beaches of San Diego and Los Angeles are extremely popular thanks to cool offshore breezes which helps keep the temperature in these communities comfortably warm.

Summers are generally hot but not humid, while the winters are wonderfully mild and fresh. The effects of El Nino and La Nina are commonly seen in Los Angeles and surrounding areas as rainfall can often become sporadic, or torrential without a moments notice! All in all, Los Angeles has the perfect weather for hitting the beach, working on your tan, or even hanging out with friends at a late night beach bonfire!
If you're looking to vacation in a place that's always sunny and never experiences snow, you need to check out the southern section of California! Whether you're looking for mild summers in San Francisco, or hot and steamy beaches in LA, Super Cheap Car Rental is waiting to hook you up with the perfect Sunshine State vehicle. So slather on the sunscreen and get ready for some great times in sunny California!

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Posted by Danny Barker
Danny Barker

In 1996, after teaching in Japan for several years, Danny Barker and his wife Manami came back to the California and bought 10 used Toyota Corollas with the intention of opening their own rental company. The premise of this company was to give a true all inclusive price to anyone 21 and over with no extra fees or surprises and no matter what country you were from.

And thus in 1997 Super Cheap Car Rental was born. Over time Danny and Manami built a reputation as an honest company that truly cared about and valued its customers. As a result Super Cheap Car Rental became the go to rental company for many foreign and American students, travelers and interns as well as for workers in the music and entertainment business in Los Angeles.

A lot has changed in the 20+ years Super Cheap has been in business but the one thing that has never changed is Super Cheap's small company attitude and their commitment to putting a smile on every one of their customers faces.