3 Reasons To Rent A Car On Your Vacation

3 Reasons To Rent A Car On Your Vacation

Planning a vacation to California soon? Don't forget to take into account how you'll be travelling from place to place. Public transport is often not the best route to take when travelling. For one, it can get crowded. Second, they are often uncomfortable and may not follow the schedule you have in mind for your day.

Finding a foolproof and safe way to commute can be a bit of a hassle. Luckily, you can rent a car and steer your way to your destinations at your own pace and comfort!

A Private Affair

Imagine planning a romantic getaway to Los Angeles only to have it interrupted by a dozen strangers on your trip downtown. That would really kill the romance, wouldn't it? With a private rental car, however, privacy won't be an issue.

It can be quite annoying to have a bunch of strangers surrounding you as you travel to and from place to place, and gave them listening to your private conversations. This is why you should rent a car instead and have all the privacy you want while you travel.

With a rental car, driving around the city with your significant other and sightseeing together while maintaining your privacy gets easier and more fun!

Exploring The Unknown 

If you rent a car, you don't have to stick to a set tourist trail. Exploring the city in a tour bus may give you the chance to see particular sites, but you won't be able to avail the opportunity to the fullest. You'll have to follow a strict schedule, and at best will only get a glimpse of the wonderful sights around the town.

Renting a car on the other hand will allow you to make your own routes and discover more areas. You won't just get to see 'the big things' that make for most of the popular tourist attractions, you can also find your way towards other, lesser known places that are just as amazing.

Don't worry about getting lost! The GPS system will let you navigate easily and you'll be able to get more than just a typical tourist experience on your vacation.

Cruising In Comfort 

What's the one thing everyone wants while travelling? Comfort, of course! You've made arrangements to stay at a nice, comfy hotel and planned the perfect relaxing vacation, so why not extend that luxury to your transport as well?

With your own car, you can travel easily and in comfort along with your loved ones. No more concerns about leg space or having to stop at set destinations along the way. Put your seatbelts on, turn up the radio, and drive across the city with your hand-picked travel buddies!

Make your vacation memorable with Super Cheap Car Rental! Select from our range of affordable rental packages, and explore the greater parts of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County at your convenience!

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Posted by Danny Barker
Danny Barker

In 1996, after teaching in Japan for several years, Danny Barker and his wife Manami came back to the California and bought 10 used Toyota Corollas with the intention of opening their own rental company. The premise of this company was to give a true all inclusive price to anyone 21 and over with no extra fees or surprises and no matter what country you were from.

And thus in 1997 Super Cheap Car Rental was born. Over time Danny and Manami built a reputation as an honest company that truly cared about and valued its customers. As a result Super Cheap Car Rental became the go to rental company for many foreign and American students, travelers and interns as well as for workers in the music and entertainment business in Los Angeles.

A lot has changed in the 20+ years Super Cheap has been in business but the one thing that has never changed is Super Cheap's small company attitude and their commitment to putting a smile on every one of their customers faces.