Super Cheap Specializes in Long Term Car Rentals!

Super Cheap Specializes in Long Term Car Rentals!

When you need a cheap rental car to call your own for a while, Super Cheap is here to provide you with the best rates around Los Angeles and San Francisco! No matter how long you need your cheap rental car for, whether it be a week, a month, or even an entire year, you can count on Super Cheap Car Rentals for an affordable and convenient rental car.
Let's face it, when you are in Los Angeles or San Francisco for an extended period of time, you can make your valuable time much more worthwhile by not having to rely on public methods of transportation. Using a taxi cab or riding the bus is okay for occasional purposes, but you don't want to waste your time when you can make the most of your day and your money with one of our cheap rental cars!

The Benefits of Long Term Cheap Rental Cars


Super Cheap Car Rentals is the best rental agency for your long term car rental because we specialize in exactly that! We do not rent out our cheap rental cars for less than one week, so we don't have to worry about marking up our prices for daily rates. This gives you the best price possible because we create the best weekly and monthly plans and then pass the savings on to you. By providing our cheap rental cars to drivers who need them for at least one week or more, we ensure the lowest overall prices for your long term car rental.

One of the greatest benefits of reserving one of our cheap car rentals for your long term rental is the amount of time that this convenient mode of transportation allows you to save. Public transportation, especially in Los Angeles, is extremely crowded and time consuming. You have to arrange your schedule around planned routes and bus stops that are often not convenient to your location. In addition, taking taxi cabs around town can become very costly and add up quickly. It is no doubt cheaper to reserve one of our cheap rental cars than it is to rely on taxi cabs for a week of transportation!

Super Cheap Car Rentals is the best choice for long term rentals because we include everything in our upfront prices! That's right! The price you see includes the actual cost of the rental vehicle, all taxes, and insurance! If you have ever rented a car before, you'll know that is feature is very unique to Super Cheap. Most rental car agencies advertise a low price but then hit you up with significant charges that include pricey insurance, surcharges, and more. Here at Super Cheap, our objective is to provide you with the cheapest rental cars possible, and we intend to do exactly that!

Super Cheap is also the best car rental agency for your long term car rental because of our unlimited driving restrictions. You can choose from our Older Cars for unlimited miles within the city of your rental location or you can choose from our Newer Cars for unlimited travel miles throughout California and Las Vegas. That means you do not have to spend your time worrying that you are going to go over a certain mileage limit and then pay additional charges! With Super Cheap Car Rentals, you know what you're paying before you even set out.

This feature is very convenient for groups of two or more that wish to have more than one person designated as driver. You can have up to three additional drivers, making your long term car rental easily enjoyable for everyone! A cheap surcharge of only $20.00 applies for every additional driver.

Super Cheap Car Rental has no extra underage car rental fees if you a renting a car and you are 21 to 24 years old! We will also rent to people under 21 years of age for a nominal daily fee which we quote up front. Nothing hidden. No surprises. This is very convenient for students, interns, and perhaps those coming to Hollywood for their big break in showbiz!
***If you are Under 21 years of age and you have you have a Valid, Full Coverage (Liability and Collision) U.S. Auto Insurance Policy that covers Car Rentals, we will waive the Under 21 Surcharge. You MUST be able to verify both Collision and Liability coverage and authorize the amount of your deductible on a credit card.

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Posted by Danny Barker
Danny Barker

In 1996, after teaching in Japan for several years, Danny Barker and his wife Manami came back to the California and bought 10 used Toyota Corollas with the intention of opening their own rental company. The premise of this company was to give a true all inclusive price to anyone 21 and over with no extra fees or surprises and no matter what country you were from.

And thus in 1997 Super Cheap Car Rental was born. Over time Danny and Manami built a reputation as an honest company that truly cared about and valued its customers. As a result Super Cheap Car Rental became the go to rental company for many foreign and American students, travelers and interns as well as for workers in the music and entertainment business in Los Angeles.

A lot has changed in the 20+ years Super Cheap has been in business but the one thing that has never changed is Super Cheap's small company attitude and their commitment to putting a smile on every one of their customers faces.