California’s Haunted Highways

California’s Haunted Highways

Do you believe in ghosts?

To some, it's a silly question, but to others, paranormal activity isn't something to be laughed about. For some California car rentaltravelers, apparitions are all around us… in fact, one might even be hitching a ride in the vehicle beside you!

According to local legend and lore, California is home to an overwhelming number of roadside spirits. Why, you might ask? Well, it depends on which haunted highway you're asking about. From historical happenings to more recent accidents, there are more than a few infamous roads in this rambling state. Think you've got what it takes to hit these spooking roads after night in your California car rental? Read on to find out!

The Road of Souls

When it comes to haunted highways, California car rental travelers are bound to hear stories about one thoroughfare in particular: Highway 152/156. With one of the highest accident rates in the state, Highway 152/156 has certainly seen it's fair share of unfortunate events. But is it really because of restless spirits?

In order to better understand the lore surrounding Highway 152/156, one must first realize what kind of road this route is. Beginning on Highway 33 with a short jog, Highway 152 proper starts in Santa Nella. This portion continues through the city of Los Banos before terminating at Highway 99, right around the cutoff of Visalia. From there, California car rental travelers continue past the San Luis Reservoir, up through the Diablo Mountains, Pacheco Pass and finally onto the junction with Highway 156. This portion of the route passes through Santa Clara Valley, into the Santa Cruz Mountains, past the Mission San Juan Bautista and down into the Monterey Bay region. All in all, it's an absolute beautiful stretch of road, and one that the staff here at SuperCheap highly recommend touring.

During the daytime, that is.

While the route offers beautiful views and a relaxing commute, California car rental travelers often forget that this is a California secondary highway and not an interstate. As such, it's not designed for fast driving. Narrow lanes, sharp curves and unexpected open stretches can make it difficult for California car rental travelers to get comfortable with the commute. Toss in common distractions like smartphones and noisy passengers and it's no surprise that this stretch of road can cause trouble for many tourists.

Or maybe it's the ghosts? According to some high-profile psychics, this stretch of road boasts an overwhelming amount of spiritual activity. The source? Spiritual readers claim that souls from the Mission San Juan Bautista roam the area, along with victims of historical lynchings and more recent accidents. While the entire road is believed to be haunted, most of the paranormal activity is reported near the San Luis reservoir. This could because the reservoir will often create fog that then blankets the road. Alternatively, it could be because of tormented spirits. Various ghosts have been reported in this area, including a ghost of a woman looking for her child, a woman that appears in the passenger seat of the car, and the ghostly sounds of stagecoaches.

Other Spooky Spots in the State

While Highway 152/156 takes the crown for spiritual speculation, it's not the only road in the state that's known for its ghostly past. California car rental travelers can also check out these haunted drives… if they dare:

  • Niles canyon road near Sunol is believed to have a white witch. According to lore, she can be seen on the side of the road hitchhiking. If taken to her desired location, she disappears.
  • Be careful if you ever come across the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Lookout Mountain Dr. in Los Angeles late at night. A carriage pulled by horses that disappear has been reported on many occasions.
  • In the town of Sanger there is a road nicknamed Snake Raod thanks to a series of sharp turns. A woman and her two children drowned when their vehicle went off the road into the river. Drivers have made claims reporting a woman walking along the river edge calling to her children.
  • California car rental travelers can really test their resolve with a trip down Creek Road in Ojai. According to reports, numerous phantoms call this stretch of road home. One is a hitchhiking woman in her wedding dress, another is a headless man on a speeding motorcycle. The third is a woman on horseback while the fourth is an unidentified burn victim.

Is it just us, or did it get a little cooler in here?

Ghost or no ghosts, SuperCheap car rental can help you explore all of California's highways… even the haunted ones! All you have to do is reserve your rental today!

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