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Ice Skating in California December 2023

December 16, 2023

December is a time of twinkling lights, festive spirit, and the joyous sounds of holiday cheer. But in sun-kissed California, it's also about strapping on skates and hitting the ice under a winter sun that simply refuses to quit. And for those of you planning a Californian winter adventure, there's no better companion than Super Cheap Car Rental – your key to unlocking a treasure trove of ice skating magic in the Golden State.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Ice Skating in California

Ice skating in California merges the charm of winter recreation with the states' endless sunshine. From November through January, and sometimes even beyond, Californians and visitors alike can enjoy a spin on the ice in settings that range from Alpine vistas to beachy shorelines. This December, add an extra sparkle to your holidays by discovering the plethora of ice rinks across California, each offering a unique experience that’s not to be missed.

Newport Dunes Fire & Ice Rink - A Shimmering Debut

New in 2023: making a spectacular entrance is the Newport Dunes Fire & Ice Rink, inviting skaters to enjoy its wintry charm from November 24th to January 1st. Blending the cool thrill of ice with the warm glow of fire elements, this rink is set to become a favorite in no time.

Gliding Through Southern California's Ice Rinks

Southern California may be synonymous with sunny skies and palm trees, but it has no shortage of ice rinks to get your glide on:

  • Viejas Casino Resort Ice Rink: As Southern California's largest outdoor ice rink, it operates from November 3rd to January 7th, offering an expansive place to skate under the sun and stars.
  • Razzari Ice Skating Center in Old Town Atwater provides affordable holiday fun from November 17th to January 8th.
  • Join the holiday spirit at Brentwood on Ice from November 17th to January 7th, or embrace the cool vibes of LA LIVE Ice Rink, where no specific end dates ensure you've got ample time to enjoy.
  • Coronado's Skating by the Sea overlooks the Pacific, offering a quintessential SoCal experience from November 17th to January 7th.
  • Find festive joy at Irvine Spectrum Holiday Ice Rink until January 1st, surrounded by shopping and dining delights.

Bay Area Skate Paradise: Frozen Fun in San Francisco and Beyond

The Bay Area comes alive with ice rinks that are as diverse as they are delightful:

  • San Francisco's own Union Square Ice Rink welcomes skaters from November 1st to January 15th, nestled among iconic attractions and cozy amenities.
  • San Mateo's Holiday on Ice transforms Central Park into a winter wonderland from November 10th to January 7th, while San Ramon's Kristi Yamaguchi Holiday Ice Rink honors the Olympic champion with its own frozen oasis for the same dates.
  • Don't miss out on the charm of San Jose's Downtown Ice, where ice skaters and roller enthusiasts can find joy from November 17th to January.

Northern California's Wintry Wonder: Ice Skating Delights

Beyond the Bay, Northern California offers serene settings and ice-filled adventures:

  • Mammoths Lakes Holiday Ice Rink: After a day on the slopes, continue the wintry bliss with skating from November 24th through March.
  • Feel the holiday mood by the bay at Ice Skating by the Bay in Monterey, from November 24th to December 31st.
  • Folsom's Historic District Ice Rink and Clearlake's Ice Fantasy Synthetic Rink invite you to create holiday memories, while Napa's Ice Skating at Vista Colina extends the revelry to wine country visitors.

Why Super Cheap Car Rental Tops the List for Your Winter Travels

Choosing the right car rental is crucial when exploring California's ice rinks, and Super Cheap Car Rental stands out for numerous reasons:

  • Foremost, affordability matters. Our rates are competitive, giving you more budget to spend on fun rather than fees.
  • No surprises here. Our transparent pricing ensures that what you see is what you get – no hidden extras to spoil the day.
  • For those under 25, we offer the golden ticket: no extra fees. While competitors like Enterprise, Hertz, or Avis often impose youthful driver surcharges, we welcome you with open arms and a clear cost structure.
  • Our all-inclusive rates come bundled with insurance, ensuring peace of mind as you journey from rink to rink.
  • Long-term rentals for extended adventures? We've got you covered, making us ideal for both local holidaymakers and international guests.

In a landscape where ride-sharing services surge pricing can become a nasty shock, the value of a rental car from Super Cheap Car Rental keeps mounting. Let's not forget the independence - having a car at your disposal means no waiting, no app-checking, and an unbeatable opportunity to explore at your own pace.

Travel Tips for Your Ice Skating Adventure

Before you set off on your icy escapade, here are some travel tips to ensure a smooth trip:

  • Book your car hire in advance. Whether you're flying into Los Angeles or San Francisco, securing your transport ahead of time is wise, especially during the bustling holiday season.
  • As you plan your route, take advantage of Super Cheap Car Rental's unlimited mileage, ideal for those looking to visit multiple rinks or explore the cities.
  • Come prepared. Pack layers for the varying temperatures and don't forget gloves – both for warmth and for grip on the ice.
  • Map out your visit to align with local attractions, from festive lights in Los Angeles to the landmarks of San Francisco, enhancing your trip beyond the rinks.

FAQs: Smooth Your Vehicle Rental Experience

Got questions? Super Cheap Car Rental has answers. Here's a rundown of some common queries:

  • What documents do I need? Just bring your driver’s license and proof of insurance – simple as that.
  • Can international drivers rent a car? Absolutely! We welcome drivers from around the globe.
  • What if I'm not sure about my schedule? No worries! Our flexible cancellation policy means you're never locked in.

Concluding Thoughts on Your December Delight

Create lasting memories on the ice this December, all while enjoying the independence and savings that come with a Super Cheap Car Rental car hire. From the newly minted rinks to the well-loved favorites across Los Angeles and San Francisco, there's a frosty fun to be had for everyone – a perfect blend of sunny skies and icy times.

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