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Essential Travel Tips for Japanese Visitors to Los Angeles

January 06, 2024

Welcome, Japanese friends, to the City of Angels! Los Angeles, a bustling metropolis known for its iconic Hollywood sign, beautiful beaches, and endless entertainment options, is a dream destination for many travelers from the Land of the Rising Sun. As you prepare for your journey, we’re here to guide you through the cultural nuances and travel tips to ensure a memorable visit. And with Super Cheap Car Rental, you can explore LA in comfort and style, without breaking the bank. Let's embark on this exciting adventure!

Table of Contents

Why Choose Car Rental in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is expansive, with attractions spread out across the region. Public transportation can be limited and not always convenient, especially if you’re looking to explore beyond the typical tourist spots. With a car rental, you have the freedom to craft your itinerary and discover hidden gems at your own pace.

Advantages of Super Cheap Car Rental

If you’re under 25, or you’re looking for an affordable and reliable car hire in Los Angeles or San Francisco, Super Cheap Car Rental is your go-to option. We take pride in our transparent pricing, no extra fees for younger drivers, and all-inclusive rates that include insurance coverage. Our fleet includes compact cars and family sedans, perfectly suited for everything from solo travel to group trips.

Cultural Tips for Japanese Visitors

Language and Communication

While English is the primary language in LA, there’s no need to worry if it’s not your first language. Los Angelinos are known for their friendliness and will appreciate any attempt to speak English. Don’t hesitate to use translation apps to assist in communication.


American social customs can be quite different from Japanese norms. For example, tipping is expected in the United States, typically around 15-20% at restaurants. Also, personal space is valued, and while making new friends is welcomed, remember to respect boundaries.

Cultural Interests

Los Angeles boasts a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, from the Japanese American National Museum to the annual Nisei Week in Little Tokyo. Embrace these cultural connections as you explore the city’s diverse neighborhoods.

Must-Visit Attractions in Los Angeles

LA offers a vast array of attractions from the shimmering sands of Santa Monica to the stars on the Walk of Fame. With a rental car, you can comfortably visit these sites without the constraints of public transportation schedules. Don’t miss Universal Studios, The Getty Center, and Griffith Observatory for breathtaking views.

Driving Tips for the LA Roads

Los Angeles is infamous for its traffic, so planning your travel times can be as crucial as choosing your destinations. Aim to avoid peak hours and take advantage of your car rental’s GPS to find the most efficient routes.

Car Rental Tips Under 25 & For International Visitors

Super Cheap Car Rental understands the concerns of younger and international drivers. That’s why we've made car rental in Los Angeles accessible without extra fees for those under 25. Plus, our team can provide additional tips and guidance on American driving laws to ensure you feel confident behind the wheel.

FAQs for Japanese Visitors

From inquiries about driving licenses to understanding local customs, we’ve got answers to your most pressing questions to help make your visit as smooth as possible.

Exploring Beyond Los Angeles

With Los Angeles as your base, why not take a scenic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway or head inland to the natural beauty of the national parks? Super Cheap Car Rental offers long-term rental options, so you can explore at your leisure.

Final Thoughts on Your LA Adventure

Your Los Angeles adventure awaits, and with Super Cheap Car Rental, you’ll have the keys to the city. From our competitive rates to our friendly service, we’re here to ensure your California dreams come true, all while keeping your travels affordable and stress-free. Book with us today and start your incredible journey!

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