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Corporate Housing & Car Rental Guide for LA and SF

January 07, 2024

When planning a journey to the vibrant cities of Los Angeles or San Francisco, travelers are often met with the daunting task of finding accommodation that not only meets their comfort requirements but also falls within their budget. Corporate housing effortlessly fills this niche, yet many potential visitors pass over this excellent option due to a lack of knowledge or misconceptions about its nature. If you're contemplating a trip to these iconic California destinations and seeking a value-packed stay, allow us to guide you through the advantages of corporate housing coupled with the ultimate car rental tips to enhance your experience further.

Table of Contents

Exploring the Comforts of Corporate Housing

What exactly is corporate housing? It's the unsung hero of travel accommodation - fully furnished, inclusive, and luxurious apartments that can cost up to half the price of a standard hotel room, and they're often on par with the opulence that you'd expect from a high-end suite. Whether you're on a temporary business assignment, amidst a moving process across Los Angeles or San Francisco, or simply seeking a plush space that feels like home, corporate housing is a fantastic choice.

With options that can accommodate solo travelers or large groups, corporate apartments are not only spacious but are also nestled in some of the most desirable and secure neighborhoods. Imagine waking up to the serene beauty of Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles or soaking in the rich culture of Nob Hill in San Francisco - corporate housing places you right where you want to be.

Furthermore, these sanctuaries of serenity offer flexible rental terms, from weekly and monthly arrangements to, at times, daily rentals, making them adaptable to your unique travel schedule.

Premium Amenities at Your Corporate House Rental

The corpereal joy of a corporate house rental lies in its amenities, designed to replicate the comforts of your own home. A plethora of conveniences awaits, including fully-equipped kitchens with dishwashers and coffeemakers, to ease into mornings or prepare a homemade feast after a day of exploring the city. Maid services offer the luxury of cleanliness without the effort, and you can unwind by the outdoor pool, complete with sun decks and barbecues. Corporate housing doesn't skimp on the tech needs either, boasting in-suite fax machines, satellite television, dual phone lines, and high-speed internet for those blending work with travel.

Alongside these features, expect complimentary parking - a boon in bustling cityscapes; this ensures a spot for your rental car and a secured peace of mind. Accommodations range from cozy one-bedroom units to expansive dwellings with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, some of which welcome family pets, ensuring no loved one is left behind.

With competitive pricing that challenges even the major hotel chains, corporate housing emerges as a cost-effective, yet luxurious, alternative to traditional accommodation.

Popular Corporate Housing Options in LA and SF

If you're eager to explore corporate housing options in Los Angeles and San Francisco, here are some top resources:

  • AMSI – Specializing in the San Francisco area (
  • Oakwood – Offering listings in both Los Angeles and San Francisco (
  • RENTNET – Detailed listings for the discerning traveler in both cities (
  • 1st Los Angeles Corporate Housing – Catering to the LA scene (

For those looking to pair their stay with an adventure in the Hawaiian Islands, a directory of Hawaii vacation rentals is also available for a truly eclectic getaway (Hawaii Vacation Rentals).

Travel Tips for LA and SF Visitors

As you plot your escapades in Los Angeles or San Francisco, consider a few pointers to maximize your experience. Both cities are treasure troves of culture, cuisine, and charismatic locales. In Los Angeles, take a drive down the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, explore the historic Griffith Observatory, or immerse yourself in the arts at The Getty Center. In San Francisco, ride the iconic cable cars, visit Alcatraz Island, and do not miss the marvels of Golden Gate Park. Each city offers a distinct palette of experiences to savor.

Moreover, navigating these metropolises with ease is essential. Opting for an efficient, reliable car rental not only provides the freedom to explore but also ensures you're never tethered to the constraints of public transportation schedules or the surge pricing of ride-sharing services.

Your Comprehensive Car Rental Guide

Securing a car rental while navigating the urban sprawl of Los Angeles or the steep streets of San Francisco is not only prudent, it's integral to the quintessential Californian experience. When considering car hire, there are a few critical factors to weigh. Compact and family sedans from Super Cheap Car Rental offer the balanced blend of comfort and maneuverability required for these cityscapes.

For visitors under 25 – a demographic often penalized with extra fees by competitors like Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis – Super Cheap Car Rental shines as a beacon of inclusivity and affordability with its transparent pricing, all-inclusive rates with insurance, and no additional charges for younger drivers. The long-term rental options also cater to those needing an extended stay, providing versatility without the steep costs typically associated with longer durations of car hire.

The Super Cheap Advantage: Affordable, Transparent, and Inclusive

Super Cheap Car Rental distinguishes itself in the competitive car hire industry with a staunch commitment to providing a transparent, affordable, and all-inclusive service. Unlike ride-sharing platforms that surprise you with variable pricing and rental giants that often have hidden costs in the fine print, Super Cheap ensures a no-surprise pricing policy that is particularly attractive to young and international travelers.

Given the combined offerings of spacious corporate housing and the freedom of your own vehicle via Super Cheap Car Rental, visitors can considerably cut down on expenses without compromising on quality or convenience. We champion the adventurous spirit and empower you to explore Los Angeles and San Francisco on your terms.

FAQs: Choosing the Best Travel Solutions

Even with all this information, you might still have questions on how to best approach car rental and accommodation in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Here we tackle common FAQs:

Why should I consider a car rental with Super Cheap Car Rental over other companies or ride-sharing services?

Opting for Super Cheap Car Rental guarantees you straightforward pricing, inclusive insurance rates, and no hidden fees - a compelling proposition, especially if you're under 25 where other companies would impose additional charges. Moreover, the convenience of a personal vehicle outstrips the unpredictability of ride-sharing prices and allows you to explore off-the-beaten-path attractions at your leisure.

Is corporate housing a better option than hotels?

Corporate housing typically provides more value for your money, offering expansive living spaces, home-like amenities, and the flexibility of short or long-term stays, all at a cost that can be surprisingly lower than hotel accommodations.

Conclusion: Your Ultimate Travel Duo

In the end, blending the comforts of corporate housing with the freedom of a cost-effective car rental sets the stage for an exceptional travel experience in either Los Angeles or San Francisco. As you prepare for your California adventure, remember Super Cheap Car Rental is ready to cruise along with you, offering unbeatable deals and transparent service – the perfect travel companion to navigate these illustrious cities with ease and style.

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